Week 15 Top Articles

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In two weeks we went from no offensive line materials to having a very substantial set of instructional articles for a variety of offensive schemes thanks to Coach Pope, Coach Dudley, and others.  Check them out!  Also we are excited to have a kicking coach join the fray. Coach Bowen first article on warming up for kickers is a great place for any coach to start / gain an understanding of how to coach kickers.

Lots of great stuff coming again this next week, but in the meantime…

Here is a breakdown of the most popular articles, videos, and downloads from this past week. 

 Top Offensive Articles
  Top Defensive Articles
Top Other Articles
  1. Vertical Double Team Technique for Power and Counter by Coach Pope
  2. Pass Protection for Beginners by Coach Dudley
  3. Veer and Midline from the Gun by Coach Mo
  1. Ryan’s 46 Defense: Formation Adjustments by Coach Minter
  2. The “Bear” Defensive Front by Coach Minter
  3. Strong Safety in the 46 Defense by Deuce
  1. Warming Up Before You Kick by Coach Bowen
  2. Three Fast Facts About How Anxiety Hurts Athletic Performance by Coach Stankovich
  3. Combine Prep Workouts by Coach Lemour


Top GridNotes Articles
Top Coaching Articles
Top Videos
  1. Top 5 Football Drills | Curtis Peterson
  2. Strong Safety in the 46 Defense | Deuce
  3. Tags in the Passing Game | Dan Gonzalez
  1. The Playbook According to Gibbs by Coach Pope
  2. 5 Idiotic Statements Football Coaches Make…. by Coach Pope
  3. Change Your Habits by Coach Minter
  1. Spider 2 / Spider 3 Y Banana
  2. Count Method for Zone Blocking
  3. Ohio State QB Drills
  4. Linebacker Shed and Scrape


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