Attacking “Psycho” Fronts | Chris Brown

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Smart Football addresses attacking the trendy “Psycho” front by providing 7 concepts to consider in your gameplan. Specifically this article suggests you should run the ball, gap protect, scale down protection, throw on the move, utilize screens, and go deep. Each of these methods is shared with details supporting how they can exploit the given front.

For example, Brown says the following about running the ball:

“Run the ball at it. If they are in a true “psycho”, it’s worth trying to just physically get movement on the defense despite the numbers advantage. But even if not a true “psycho” look, it’s important to see if their unsound defensive fronts present any obvious gaps to attack, particularly with the inside zone if they try to bring overload blitzes to one side or blitz off the edges. Trap is a good ideas as if you block it your players may be off to the races, but you may miss some assignments given their defensive movement.”

For the full article, including more analysis of each approach, go to “Attacking ‘Psycho’ Fronts and Other Blitz Heavy Defensive Looks.”

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